When applying makeup, you may find that no matter how hard you try or how long you spend, your brows just don’t look right. We all know it!

That’s why we’ve compiled five brow-drawing mistakes. And maybe it can help us deal with our frustrations in the mirror.

1. The wrong color is used

It’s vital to use the correct color when drawing your brows. It’s difficult to tell when you’re in a store with a powder or a pencil and trying to match the color.

To avoid choosing the wrong color again, start with your natural hair color. If you want to color your hair, you need to look at the hairs at the scalp. This is the color/shade to draw your brows with – preferably one small tooth darker.

2. They are too thick or thin.

It’s hard to tell how wide your brows should be. Especially if you, like us, lack fullness after a teen binge (oops …). Therefore, it is a good idea to determine the width before you start coloring loose.

Draw the brow’s bottom and top edges gently. And only then do they colorize. To achieve this effect, make a few strokes in the natural direction of the brows. This gives your brows a natural fullness resembling hair strands. Of course, it also depends on your style.

3. You are not shaping them properly.

So keep an eye on your brows’ thickness and shape, as well as their length and shape. Keeping in mind these three steps will help you align your brows properly:

1. Your brow should begin here: Place a pencil or brush on the outer edge of your nose table and align it up to the brow. So you can see where your brows should naturally begin.

2. Here’s the highest point: The same method is used to determine your brow’s highest point. When looking straight ahead, the brush or pencil should exit the nostril.

3. Your brow should end here: Exit the pencil or brush from your nose, this time past the corner of your eye, to see how far your brow should extend.

4) Forgetting to brush

Brushing your brows before, during, and after the process is alpha and omega. Yes, it suffices! This is done with a small brush, similar to a mascara brush (just without mascara, of course).

Do this before you start so all your brow hairs are in the same direction and you can see your natural brow shape. Brush in the direction of the hair strands. Brush upwards to “lift” the brows.

This is necessary to “spread” the color. It helps the color blend in with your brows for a natural look. Then, for the same reason, you must brush them. That all the hairs are facing the same way and that the color is evenly distributed.

5. Forget to apply a gel

After drawing and brushing your brows, you can seal them with a gel. It can be a brow gel or a thin layer of Vaseline. It’s simply a matter of keeping your brows in place all day with a gel to hold the hair strands and color.

Finally, remember that it is up to you to decide whether your brows are beautiful and in the closet – natural or extra. Only you!