‘Practice, fitness World is closed anyway, so I can’t leave,’ you can no longer think.

Anyone who is interested in training and having their body touched but is apprehensive about venturing into uncharted territory should consider these suggestions before going to the gym.

Remember: You have the same right to be in the gym as everyone else, regardless of how fast you can run on the treadmill or how many exercises you do in a workout!

1. Wear comfortable training clothes

Wear clothes that make you feel good at any time of day, but especially when going to the gym: Wearing a large sweatshirt or a crop top is perfectly acceptable.

2. Call your mother or girlfriend before or during entry.

Do you think it’s bad enough to walk into a gym, past the reception and a row of sweaty runners on the treadmill? Arrange with your mother or girlfriend to make a call as you enter the gym and change. So you don’t have to look around when you walk past the other gym-goers.

If you’re unsure whether to leave or not, a pep talk with a friend may help.

3. Plan your workouts ahead of time.

This saves you from having to stand and read the small instructions on each machine in the gym to find one that can train your shoulders.

Pre-plan where in the gym you want to start and what exercises you want to do. It’s good to have a plan!

4. Headphones

Music can inspire you, and listening to Tessa sing in Blstegnen can help you forget about the world around you.

A simple trick is to put on the headphones even if you don’t want to listen to music. That way, you can shield some of the background noise and feel safe and secure.

5. You’re all there for the same reason.

Everyone in the gym is ready to work out and sweat. In the same way, everyone has the same goal when shopping online.
Consider the gym as a big team with a common goal. No one will think you’re odd because they’re there for the same reason.

6. Focus on yourself, not others.

Is it hard? Yes! After a while, you’ll feel more comfortable in your own company and at the gym. So you only have to deal with your own expectations and thoughts.

7. Relax

Remember that your training expectations are YOURS ONLY. It’s nice to train for 20 minutes and then want to go home. You can adjust the time as you go if you want. No one says a good workout requires two hours in the gym.

You can focus on getting a feel for the gym to make it less dangerous for you.

Yes! And going to the gym isn’t something you have to think about. Training.