Making small changes in everyday life can result in large savings for many families with children. You can save money by reducing your daily consumption. Read on for our 10 suggestions on where to save money. Washing, entertainment, and refrigerators and freezers account for 22%, 19%, and 15% of a detached house’s electricity consumption. Along with the electricity bill, here are five easy-to-follow money-saving tips:

1. Save on food

Food is a major expense for most families with children. Because expensive solutions like take-out are easy to resort to in a busy day, and because food waste is easy to occur.

Food waste reduction can save a lot of money. A family of two adults and two children costs 7,200 kroner per year, according to Think. Fortunately, simple solutions exist. Making a weekly meal plan and regularly checking your fridge and freezer can help you save money on food.

2. Dry your clothes and use the washing machine’s spin cycle.

Avoiding the dryer and drying your clothes on the line saves both the environment and your wallet. You can also save money by not wearing out your clothes, which is a win-win situation! If you must use a dryer, simply spinning the clothes after washing can reduce drying time and thus save money.

3. Buy used or swap with family

Whether you need baby clothes, a new car, furniture, or something else, buying used can save you a lot of money. A lot of new apps and websites are available for shopping. Check out the app ‘free’ where you can give and receive free stuff locally. You can also swap kid’s clothes with family and friends. This is especially true for children who are rapidly outgrowing it. You can also make your family’s consumption more sustainable.

4. Big purchases

Food and washing powder are frequently used in families with children. Buying in bulk from offer newspapers or eTilbudsavis can save a lot of money. While shopping trips may be slightly more costly, the lower kilo and unit prices result in long-term savings.

5. Use the library

Magazines, books, movies, and music are easy to overspend on. So why not go to the library and get some family entertainment? In Odense Libraries, you can borrow everything from suitcases and knitting needles to costumes. Textbooks can be expensive for students. Check if your local libraries have some of your syllabus books on the shelves. You might be able to borrow a few books for your studies here.

6. Ride a bike instead of a car

By replacing your car with a bike, your family can get more exercise, reduce CO2 emissions, and save money. A typical family can save 5,000 kroner per year by eliminating short car trips. Car insurance, fuel, and weight tax can all be avoided if the car is completely dropped.

7. Save on fuel

If you must drive, compare local fuel prices to save money. If this sounds like a hassle, there are apps like ‘FDM Gas Prices’ that can help. You can also save money by refuelling on Sunday nights and avoiding highway gas stations.

8. Pay your bills on time.

Paying reminder fees serves no purpose, so simply paying your bills on time can help your personal finances. You can sign up for your fixed expense payment service if you haven’t already.

9. Give up (or reduce) bad habits

There’s plenty of money to be saved if you’re willing to give up bad habits like sweets, cigarettes, and alcohol. This item must be on the list because it has the potential for large savings.

Not just toys for the kids, but useful items for them as well

The kids probably have too many toys. If you need a child’s bicycle or something else practical, put it on your birthday or Christmas list. Most families with young children can’t even complete a wish list. Don’t the kids get new toys?

We hope this list has shown you new ways to save money and get more air in your budget.

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