You can learn how to change your habits and save money here.
Drying clothes outside and recycling water are just two of many ways to save money. We have gathered some useful advice for you.

Take an energy

Keeping food cold in an old refrigerator can be costly. It probably uses a lot of power, which you can save by replacing it with an A+ model.

Turn off the TV.

Several things in our house consume power even when turned off. When you leave your TV, slot machines, or other technology on standby, you waste power. So, when you are not using your TV, turn off the switch to save energy and money.

A squirt

A toilet with only one flush uses more water than one with two flush options. Using a lot of water after a toilet visit is unnecessary.

Prepare a Menu

It’s hard not to buy on impulse at the supermarket, but try to stick to your list and plan your family’s meals for a week in advance so you know what to buy and how to avoid food waste.

What about the attic?

An old house can be more expensive to heat than a new one, but you can save money by having it insulated well and thoroughly. Make sure the walls, floors, and ceilings are well insulated now, and that the old windows and doors can be sealed better.

Stop the water

Showering uses a lot of water, but turning off the water when soaping up saves some.

Heat saving

In a cold country like Denmark, we rely on good heat sources in the winter, so check your radiator’s performance. Install a good thermostat on your radiator so it heats properly and does not rumble when it should not.


Using a dryer costs money, but hanging wet clothes outside is free. A clear daily saving!

Washing when needed

Always wash your clothes in a full machine. Wait until the basket is completely full before washing two sweaters.

LED bulbs

Where the year is long and dark, we have many lamps. They’re cozy, but using incandescent bulbs can be expensive. Instead, switch to LED bulbs to save money.

Rainwater harvesting

If you have a garden or many flower pots, you should collect rainwater from downspouts in rain barrels available in DIY stores and online.

When it rains

You probably don’t realize it, but when you run the hot or cold water tap, you waste a lot of water. Instead, collect the water in a watering can or bowl to use to water flowers, boil eggs, or rinse salad.