The weather can affect your skin like kryptonite does Superman. No way! During the winter months, especially if you have sensitive skin, you should treat it with extra care. The combination of the cold in the air and the dry indoor radiator air can, among other things, result in redness, irritated and dry skin.

1. Silk pillowcase

Unless you sleep on your back every night, you wear on your face. So invest in a silk pillowcase, which is much gentler on the skin. A silk pillowcase can help reduce dehydration and redness, especially in the colder months. Remember to wash the cover frequently to avoid bacteria.

2. Avoid Alcohol

Not in a festive context, although drinking alcohol also challenges your skin. In terms of skin care, you should always avoid alcohol as it dries out the skin. Many products contain alcohol, so reading the label is critical.

3. Lower the water’s temperature

Hot water harms the skin. Sadly, it is no longer. Warm water removes more natural oils from your skin than cold water, leaving it drier and more irritated. Warm water can also help increase skin redness and inflammation. Reduce the temperature when washing your face or standing in the bath.

4. Drink water

It’s not just for the summer. The cold can dry out your skin, and water is the best way to stay hydrated. Buy a water bottle if you need one.

5. Use eye cream

Never forget to use eye cream, as the skin around the eyes is extra delicate and thin. Use an eye cream designed for the area around the eyes, morning and night.

6. Moist, moist, moist

A good moisturizing cream is essential for sensitive skin during the winter months. If you have sensitive skin, avoid perfume-free creams as the fragrance can irritate the skin.

7. Use fewer items

Using too many products can easily overstimulate and stress sensitive skin. It can cause dry, red, or oily skin. So stick to a few products at a time and don’t switch up your skin care routine too often.

How to make a mask

Maybe you think face masks are overpriced. Maybe you’re not sure what they actually contain. In either case, you could make your own face mask. It’s cheap and you decide what’s in it. Make a mask with yogurt and oatmeal.