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• Health, food, fashion, children, housing, and way of life are some of the topics covered.

You will find up-to-date articles on topics such as strong portraits and columns, letterboxes and guides, recipes, and shopping.


In our lifestyle universe, you’ll find articles that are relevant to you and your daily activities. From difficult and taboo subjects to current social debates, everything is covered. From intimate to grand, fun, and dreamy, there is something for everyone.

If you want to change your career or learn more about other people, you can find a book, a podcast, or a television series on this page.


For those looking for the perfect chocolate cake recipe or a delicious main course for their next dinner party, we recommend that you visit our wonderful food universe.

We’ll take care of everything from breakfast to brunch to lunch to afternoon snacks to light dinners, guest meals, and desserts. There are also the best pancake, ice cream and bread recipes as well as the best brownie, muffin, and cake recipes.


If you are pregnant, have children, or plan to have children in the near future, our children’s niche is for you. Here you will find information on pregnancy, childbirth, babies, and children. Our Children contains helpful guides as well as heartwarming interviews.

We provide inspiration for new and experienced parents to have a wonderful life with their children.


Articles on health are divided into two categories: physical health and spiritual health. Exercise, health, love, diet, and lifestyle diseases such as stress, diabetes, anxiety, and depression are all covered in detail. Get advice from experts and patients on how to reduce your chances of becoming ill, as well as meet women who have overcome disease.

Not only can you learn about health, but you can also put it into practice. Yoga, running, and eating more healthfully are all options. Everything is right here.


You will learn everything there is to know about fashion and beauty in our fashion universe. Check out our shopping guides, hair tips, and interviews with some of the biggest names in the fashion industry! Find inspiration for a new bikini, winter coat, face cream, or sandals in this section.


The home niche contains numerous interior design ideas as well as the most up-to-date furniture, interior design, and design trends available. From Boligliv and ALT Interir, here are some decorating ideas for your bedroom, bathroom, children’s room, vacation home, entrance hall, and terrace that you can use right away.

In addition, shopping guides for everything from posters to patio heaters and garden furniture are included in the book. It’s finally here.


Crochet animals and patchwork rugs are among the crafts available for both children and adults. In our needlework universe, you can find beautiful knitting and crochet patterns for you and your family to enjoy together.


What do the planets and the stars have to say about you? Read your daily horoscope to find out more about your zodiac sign and your personality. You can also get information about your compatibility with others, your financial situation, and a variety of other astrological topics.