1. The pencil rule

By the nose wing, pencil First vertically – the inner brow edge must be (1). When you look straight ahead, the pencil should be next to your pupil (2). Finally, let the pencil align with the brow’s outer edge (3).

2. Indicator

Make a template for your brows with an eyebrow pencil or mascara. So you can easily see which hairs need to be plucked.

3. Observe

Pick one hair at a time in front of a bright mirror. Grabbing more hair can lead to bald spots. Begin at the brow’s underside and work your way up. Some hairs from above can also be used if they don’t fit in your template – but not too many!

4. Retain

A bad horse is better than no horse. Step away from the mirror at regular intervals to see the result. Stop before you get too many hits.

Know-how products

Do your eyebrows lack fullness or color? After achieving the desired shape, finish it with these three products.

1. Brow Pencil

It glides perfectly along the brow line. The ultra-fine tip allows for precise hair-like strokes. Blonde, Brown, and Dark Brown. 155 DKK. Buy it here.

2. Brow Gel

Smudgeproof ‘baked’ brow powder. Ultranem blends well and holds well. Use them dry for a natural look. Color combinations abound. 162 DKK Buy it here.

3. Brow Gel

The popular colored brow gel comes in 7 colors and fills in sparse brows, covers gray hair, is extra durable, and tames brow hairs.