And now you’re in bed thinking it’s a terrible shame for yourself because you had way too much fun yesterday with a little too much alcohol. Your headaches and your body slats. But it’s your own fault, so you must suffer silently. Or must you?

Here are some tips on how to look for antiques or make an appointment.

Stay hydrated to avoid hangovers

Alcohol is a diuretic, so start restocking. Do it willingly, before hitting the pillow (or the toilet board). Or where you prefer to sleep now…)

Drink plenty of water before bedtime. Also, keep a bottle of water (not a glass – difficult to drink while fetal) by your bedside so you can easily quench your thirst if you wake up with a sandpaper tongue.

If you still feel nauseous and are dehydrated the next day, drink a sugar and salt solution. It may sound clammy, but such solutions help your body regain lost moisture. The pharmacy sells rehydration powder.

Don’t Get up

The booze in your blood means you didn’t get the deep sleep you need yesterday. So get as much rest as you can. Please….

How many green Gajols do you have in your blood? Have you started waking up early like everyone else?

Come out of bed, but keep your PJs on. Make yourself the most overlooked food. Just a few rye bread dishes. Eat them and try to sleep again. In order to digest food, we always feel sleepy after eating. If you can just get a few more hours, you will be much more alert.


Because you’ve had too much sedative and not enough sleep, it’s no surprise you’re feeling a little tassel. Respect your body and relax.

A walk is good for your body (and your hangover) if you can handle it. Otherwise, just open the window wide….

Hangovers are also a great excuse to binge watch series for a day, like on C More.

Eating helps with hangovers!

Because alcohol inhibits the liver’s sugar release, your blood sugar drops, causing nausea, shaking, and hangovers. Eating is the only thing that can repair the damage. So guf in the fridge!


Your poor stomach is included by all the booze you’ve poured into it.

Instead, eat healthy foods like vegetables and fruits, which help your body replenish the nutrients lost to alcohol.

Take a pill

Don’t suffer more than necessary. Take a painkiller if you have a hangover. Choose Panodiler or another paracetamol-based pain reliever over acetylsalicylic acid-based pain relievers (Aspirin, Treo and Kodimagnyl).

Get your body back in balance by taking vitamin pills while on the go.

Be careful with coffee

You might think a couple of big solid cups of black coffee would help you wake up, but coffee is a diuretic, and you don’t need that right now. The caffeine in coffee can also ruin a well-deserved nap later in the day.

Instead, sip water to avoid a hangover.