This list is perfect for you if you’ve spent too many evenings eating out at overpriced restaurants on dates.

We’ve compiled unique and fun places to take your girlfriend or flirt out.

There’s a big difference between taking a Tinder flirtation and taking your girlfriend, who you’ve lived with for four years.

So we divided the activities by how well you know each other. Enjoy!


If the relationship is new, find a common ground. It’s awkward to stare intensely into unfamiliar eyes, especially if they start to flicker as the conversation ends. So meet in a place where the topics of conversation are in the vicinity.

1. Mini golf – Swing the club and sip a beer while being charming. If the conversation slows down, you can talk about how good or bad you are without having to make intense eye contact.

To invite your date to a table tennis bar, you need not be a pro athlete. It’s more about mediocre table tennis with strangers, followed by a beer and a chat with your flirt. We at the editorial office are fans and can say: really funny.

4. Town – The cozy, old town has endless conversation topics, making it an obvious choice for a nervous date. Then, in December, you can sneak in for a warm hug and free admission as a student.

5. Botanical Garden – Even if none of you have green fingers, the Botanical Garden is lovely. There’s lots to see and read, and it’s all free.

6. Geocaching – You can be a fairly exciting type if you suggest Geocaching with your flirt. An online tax card that you download from the same app, then you explore the city by finding small items along the way.


Either you’re still in the honeymoon phase of the relationship, or you’ve moved on to the everyday phase. The point is that you know each other well enough to let down your guard and look foolish while having fun.

A fun activity for two people with a lot of gunpowder in their asses is climbing. This assumes none of you have a fear of heights. Spend a few hours together on a weekend doing some team building. Relationships always help it.

Take a weekday evening off and visit a board game cafe for a game of Monopoly or Backgammon. The price is right if you’re not too picky…

9. Quiz night – If you’re a couple who likes to drink draft beer together, a quiz night might be fun. Several bars host weekly quiz nights. You can either work as a team or individually, depending on how serious you are.

10. Friday Night Skate – If the bag shakes on a Friday night, don a pair of roller skates and join over 500 other skating-loving. On Fridays, they ride in the city’s middle. It’s free and doesn’t require a

11. Skating – A seasonal version of the roller skating race. This is an annual event in many cities. When you’re on your tail, you can sneak up on your ‘Bambi on glatis’ girlfriend and hug her.

Room 12: It’s a great way to get to know someone you don’t know well but have met a few times. Who controls the control? In general, how do you work together as a couple when time is running out and you have to solve so many puzzles?


You’ve been dating for a long time, and maybe your boyfriend even proposed. So you’ve probably tried most of it on other lists, and it’ll take a few more before date night becomes revolutionary.

If you don’t have kids, take a day trip to the local zoo. In there, you can braid your fingers, laugh at the surroundings, and leave your phone behind.

Take your date out of the bar and restaurant and into the world of the liquids that make us so loving. This latter benefit can easily extend the evening into the nightlife just the two of you.

15. Homemade Tax Cards – If you have creative ideas and a few hands, this idea is for you. Make your own tax card and go on a personal hunt with your girlfriend. The items can be fun facts, money for lunch, or a small gift that you carry around with you. A day to remember for sure.

Traveling by kayak is a great option for those who enjoy the outdoors. Many places offer guided tours, such as Copenhagen’s channels, so even non-experts can participate.

Nature’s tents The Danish nature has many beautiful areas where you can camp or gaze together, whether you want a luxury experience or a more primitive one. Is there anything more romantic than spending time with your loved one in nature?