Are you a regular blow dryer user? And do you always blow dry your hair after washing it? Read on. We asked Frisr Pii stylists about the common mistakes we make when blow drying our hair.

1. You dry your hair too hot.

Do you blow dry your hair with the highest heat possible to dry it faster? So watch out! Excessive heat can dry out or burn your hair. Ouch!

Heat is still required to blow dry hair faster and more efficiently. The same goes for volumizing your hair. Your hair type determines how much heat it can take. “Low heat is often enough for fine, porous hair, but higher heat is needed for stronger hair. Strong hair is often more unruly, requiring more heat to control, say Pii stylists.

Pii recommends blow-drying with medium heat for fine hair and medium to high heat for heavy hair.

2. You neglect heat protection.

“We always advise using heat-protective products before blow-drying!” say the stylists. “Hot air, whether medium or high heat, is always damaging to your hair. Many people overlook heat protection products, resulting in damaged hair and a trip to the hairdresser. Using a product that provides a protective film on the hair prevents drying and possible heat damage is essential.

To protect your hair from heat damage, use heat protection before using blow dryers, straighteners, and curling irons.

3. You only use products after blow-drying

Is blow drying your hair your first step? Then you may be one of those who mistakenly apply products after blow drying.

“When customers forget to add product to their hair before blow-drying, an otherwise good blow-drying is limited,” say Pii stylists. Preventing hair flattening out during the day requires using products that provide strength and volume before blow-drying. So start with the products!

4. You use cold air to dry

Do you blow dry exclusively with cold air? It’s also great if you just want to dry your hair without styling it and aren’t in a hurry. Cold air takes longer to dry and styles harder. “Cold air alone cannot style your hair,” Pii explains. So warm air is required to direct the hair”.

You should also be aware that cold air may frizz your hair more than hot air. The hot air helps control unruly and frizzy hair by “locking” it in place.

The stylists also explain that during washing, warm air helps seal the scalp and lay the scalp layer down. To achieve the best and most efficient result, we recommend always blow drying with medium heat”.

5. You blow dry your hair rather than towel it

While blow drying wet hair isn’t necessarily a bad idea, Pii stylists advise squeezing out as much water as possible before drying it.

As a result of this, the hair is exposed to heat for an extended period of time, which damages it no matter how we turn and twist it.

6. You use a single-heat hair dryer

“A dryer is a dryer. “But it’s always better to have a blow dryer with three heat settings – cold air, medium heat, and high heat,” Pii advises.

Invest in a blow dryer with multiple settings that you can control. As a result, you’ll have far more good hair days than bad in the future.

Did you? A blow dryer beats air drying your hair.

What? We thought anything that heats up our hair was bad for it!

Pii adds that it is a hairdresser’s worst nightmare to have a customer who air-dries the scalp, as the damage to the hair is obvious.

We all know how to end the day with a bath and a bun. The stylists say no way. “If you don’t blow dry your hair, it stays moist for a long time. This moisture can cause scalp irritation, itching, and flakes. Heavy hair often has more side effects than fine hair, as it closes off the scalp more than fine hair.

Pii concludes by warning against applying too much heat directly to the scalp, which can cause dryness, dandruff, and irritation.