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MICRO Pedi Replacement Rollers


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Extreme Coarse Flex+ Rollers 2 Pack
Extra Coarse Flex+ Rollers 2 Pack
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- Please check the table below to ensure the rollers you purchase are compatible with your MICRO Pedi unit.
- The above offers only apply when you purchase two of the same replacement roller packs.

The MICRO Pedi Replacement Rollers remove hard and rough skin on the soles, toes and heels of the feet. The micro-mineral rollers spin 360°, at 30 times per second, smoothing and buffing away hard and dry skin effortlessly to reveal smooth and soft feet heel to toe.

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Our Extra Coarse and Extreme Coarse rollers come with the new Flex+ technology which allows the rollers to flex with the foot which gives you an all over smooth look and feel.

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MICRO Pedi Replacement Rollers

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