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 Hover over the pictures below to reveal their MICRO Nail Shine!


Edel Grealish
I've had the pleasure of using the MICRO Nail, it blew me away! The shine off your nails, until now I was an avid user of nail polishes but I won't be needing them anymore with MICRO Nail! Try it once and you will be convinced!


Grace Mouser
Calling all beauty therapist/practitioners who have to remove gels or nail varnish for need a MICRO Nail in your life...its literally transformed my slightly gel nail stained nails into beautifully shiny look like they've been manicured nails ready for the week ahead! In less than 5 minutes! A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!!! Thanks micro nail!!! X


Máire Ní Dhomhnaill‎
Micro Nail is such a cool product. My nails have been in such bad condition ever since getting Shellacs removed so the Micro Nail really helped restore them and make them look even better than before. Would highly recommend it.


Brita Kerr
Just used the MICRO Nail and here is my before and after image. I love it, the shine it gives my nails is amazing, just like polish but without the annoyance of it chipping!


Fanny Peters
I used the MICRO nail and I am very pleased with it! Handy to use, quick & efficient, and just the perfect shine, will save money on varnish!


Jenny Holmes
Eh WOW! MICRO Nail where have you been my entire life? I'm not normally a massive fan of my nails but with this new shine they are looking so much better!


MICRO Pedi - the multi award-winning foot smoothing device