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MICRO Nail Elegance

nail care innovation

MICRO Nail Elegance is the next generation in nail care innovation. The electric nail polisher buffs and shines natural nails in seconds. The sleek and slim fit shape with sophisticated black and gold design is unlike anything else in the nail care market. Battery powered with rollers that rotate 360 degrees, 2100 times per minute, the MICRO Nail elegance leaves natural nails shiny while allowing them to breath and look great at the same time. 

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MICRO Nail Elegance

MICRO Nail Elegance is the newest, innovative electric nail polisher that effortlessly reveals naturally beautiful shiny nails in seconds. It not only makes your natural nails shiny as if they had a top coat on it is also ergonomically designed to allow easy and comfortable grip while you are doing your nails.

Your MICRO Nail Elegance kit contains:

- MICRO Nail Elegance Device
- 2 x MICRO Smooth Roller
- 4 x MICRO Shine Rollers
- 2 x AA batteries(included)
-Instruction booklet

Important questions

Is the MICRO Smooth roller safe to use?

Yes the MICRO Smooth roller is safe to use - it gently smooths the top layer of your nail only, and should only be used for 2 seconds on each nail.

What if I press too hard? Can I damage my nail?

Built into the MICRO Nail Elegance is a pressure resistance control. This ensures that if you do press too firmly, the roller will simply stop rotating. Release the pressure until the roller starts rotating again. MICRO Nail is so effective you do not need to press too hard and only need to use the product for a few seconds on each nail.

How often can I use MICRO Nail Elegance?

We recommend that you use MICRO Nail Elegance at maximum once every two weeks. The MICRO Smooth Rollers smoothes ridges on the nail, this should only be used 2 seconds per nail and only once every two weeks.

How long does the MICRO Nail Elegance finish last?

This depends on what you do with your nails and any products you apply. In research the finish lasted up to 2 weeks for some people.

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