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Extra Coarse Flex+ Rollers 2 Pack

The Extra Coarse Flex+ Micro-Mineral Rollers remove hard and rough skin on the soles and heels of the feet.

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Extra Coarse Flex+ Rollers 2 Pack

The MICRO Pedi flex+ rollers are ideal for the
difficult to reach areas as they flex with the foot.
Get instant results with anti-bacterial*
micro-minerals that are long lasting. The extra
coarse flex+ roller is ideal for repeated use on
everyday hard and rough skin. Rollers last for
multiple uses depending on frequency of use
and the size of the area being treated, replace
when you find any defects or find them less
effective. It is recommended to use the
extreme coarse flex+ rollers first on extreme rough skin
and extra coarse flex+ rollers as second step
for removing flaky and dry skin.

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